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Coping with Disaster
"Coping with Disaster” provides information for the following topics: understanding disaster events, recognizing signs of disaster related stress, easing disaster-related stress, helping kids cope with disaster and understanding children’s reactions to disaster by age.
TumbleBooks Library
TumbleBooks Library has talking picture books that teach young children the pleasure of reading in a way they will enjoy. Click here or on the image above to visit TumbleBooks.

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Montgomery City-County Public Library
Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library, 245 High Street
is now a Foundation Center Cooperating Collection!
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Please Pardon Our Progress ~

Our 2 year building improvement plans are moving forward very swiftly.  In FY 2015, the interior of the library was painted, new carpet installed, major improvements to the public restrooms on both floors were made and new lighting was added to give the interior a bright open atmosphere.   Beginning with FY2016, a contractor was chosen to design and replace the roof of the Morgan Library while the City Maintenance Department began to design a new HVAC system for the library.  The installation of the roof was completed in March of 2016.  The library staff began the tedious process of deciding how each area of the library would look; making sure to incorporate ADA compliant furniture, and programs that appeal to all segments of the population of Montgomery County.  Technology is being evaluated and a design is forthcoming regarding the placement of computers and other media equipment.  The new Morgan facility is being programmed and designed with the citizens of Montgomery at the forefront of our thoughts.
Recently the Maintenance Department completed (April 26, 2017) the installation of a 21st century energy efficient heating and cooling system with programmable thermostats.  The next phase will be to get the furniture ordered and placed in the library by the end of 2017 and to redesign the way the outside of the library presents itself.  Using outdoor spaces to assist in the creation of the indoor spaces will give the building a new vibe and improve the deliberate interactions between patrons and staff.    
There are other aesthetic designs which will restore pride and confidence in our patrons for the work that has been put in the interior design.  Swatches and design boards are on display in the lobby of the Morgan Library and will remain there until the project is completed.  Just one more way that the Montgomery City-County Public is transforming itself to meet the information needs of the citizens of Montgomery community. 
The Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library is a very COOL place to visit in more ways than you can count.  Come see our new LOOK! It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Should you have any questions, please feel free to call Library Administration at 240-4300.


Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library Mural Project

The Montgomery City-County Public Library Board of Trustees invites artists to submit entries for a site-specific mural at the Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library. The Trustees seek a work to enhance the beauty of the library and tell the story of Montgomery through a vibrant and engaging visual design that will be the centerpiece of the library’s renovation, creating a work that will be a lasting contribution to the life of the library and the community.


Click here for project details and submission deadlines.


Montgomery City-County Public Library Helps With Tracing Family Trees
Ancestry Public Library Edition
Automotive Repair Information
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Homework Assistance for 2017 - 2018 School Year
Homework Assistance Schedule

Rufus Lewis Library, 3095 Mobile Hwy - Mondays (6-7:30pm) 240-4848
Coliseum Library, 840 Coliseum Blvd - Tuesdays (5-6:00pm) 271-7005     
Morgan Library, 245 High Street - Tuesdays (6-7:30pm) 240-4982 or 240-4992
E L Lowder Library, 2590 Bell Road - Wednesdays (6-7:30pm) 244-5717
Governor’s Square, 2885-B East South Blvd - Thursdays (4-5:45pm) 284-7929  

Library Hours for the Montgomery City-County Public Library
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WebCams Available
The Montgomery City-County Public Library has web cameras for use by persons who have deployed family members. You only need to set up an account on both ends of the service. If you regularly receive e-mails from your family member then you can set up an account to see and talk to them live at the library. The library allows as many members of the family as necessary to take advantage of this service. This service is also being offered to others who have family members is other states or countries.