Friday, March 2, 2018
Pre-School StoryTime
10:15 AM -
Great Day for Up by: Dr. Seuss
The sun is coming up so everyone needs to wake up.  It’s a great day to go up on a Ferris wheel.  Look around.  What do you see that goes up around you?
I Am NOT Going to Get up Today by: Dr. Seuss
Everyone may try and wake me up, but I don’t want to get up.  You can give my egg back to the Hen.  I’m not going to get up today, because today is my “Woozy-Snoozy Zizz-Zizz Zizz Zazz Zuzz.”
Activity: Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 9, 2018
Pre-School StoryTime
10:15 AM -
Little Chick: The Kite That Would Not Fly by Amy Hest
Little Chick is trying to fly his leaf kite. he gets so frustrated until Old-Auntie helps him out. Every now and then don't we all need some help?
Stuck by: Oliver Jeffers
Floyd gets his kite stuck in the tree and takes his shoe off to get it unstuck, but when he throws his shoes up into the treeand it gets stuck. he continues throwing all sorts of items into the treeand they all get stuck. How does he finally get his kite out of the tree?
Activity: kites  

Friday, March 16, 2018
Pre-School StoryTime
10:15 AM -
Show and Tale
Who Can? Daniel Can! by Maggie Tests
Synopsis:  Daniel and all his friends share what they can do at the beach.  “Katerina can dance in the sand.  What can you do?”  

Friday, March 16, 2018
Pre-School StoryTime
10:15 AM -
When Sheep Sleep by: Laura Numeroff
A little girl is trying to fall asleep, but all the sheep that she normally counts have fallen asleep.  She begins counting deer.  She also counts rabbits.  What actually makes her so sleepy that she finally falls to sleep?
Splat the Cat Dreams Big  by: Rob Scotton
Splat’s mother reads to Splat at bedtime.  He is scared to go to sleep, because last night he dreamed that he was a prince and he fell in a moat.  What happens tonight in Splat’s dream?
Activity: Wear Pajamas and read books to each other

Friday, March 23, 2018
Pre-School StoryTime
10:15 AM -
The Dot  by: Peter H. Reynolds
Vashti is very frustrated and says she cannot draw.  She hands in her art teacher a blank page.  Her art teacher thinks she has drawn a polar bear in the snow.  Vashti does not think her teacher is funny.  She is handed back the picture and draws a dot and her teacher frames it.  Do you ever think that you cannot do something because you are frustrated?
Perfect Square by: Michael Hall
A square that is perfect has four equal sides. On Monday the happy little square becomes cut into pieces and poked full of holes.  It doesn’t look like a square any more.  What can you create out of a square?
Art: Square Art

Friday, March 30, 2018
Pre-School StoryTime
10:15 AM -
Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny by: Jane O’Connor
JoJo brings home the class pet to watch over the weekend.  Nancy takes Nibbles out of his cage so her brother and friend may play with the rabbit. Her dad tells them that the Easter Egg Hunt has begun and she forgets to latch Nibbles cage.  Guess who escapes?  Where does Nancy find Nibbles?
The Easter Egg by: Jan Brett
The rabbits are decorating eggs and getting ready for Easter. Hoppi goes around looking at his family and neighbors eggs
collecting things to decorate his egg.   The Rabbit who
decorates the neatest egg will get to help the Easter Bunny deliver the eggs.  When it is time there is no Hoppi and no egg.  What happened to Hoppi and who gets to help the Easter
Activity: Easter Egg Hunt