Montgomery City-County Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 3/1/2018
Time: 10:00 AM -
Title: Lap Sit Time
Location: EL Lowder Regional Library
Intended Audience: 0-1 Year Old
Would you rather be a Bullfrog?  by Dr. Seuss 
Think about what you would rather be and tell me.  “ Would you rather be a Bloogle Bird and fly around and sing…   ...or would you rather be a Bumble Bee and fly around and sting?”  Where would you like to live in a tent or in igloo?  Please tell me what you would rather be?   
Five Little Ducks by Child’s Play
Five little ducks went swimming one day.  The mother calls them back by quacking.  Only four of the ducks return.  It continues until we have no ducks left. 
(This is our sign language book for the month.)